Hey so I’m closing the ask box cause I just got a whole new batch to work with! Thank you guys so much! Might be a teeny hiatus again but not too long, I’m almost finished with an ask right now ! uvu 

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D —> thats something you would expect someone would say to Nepeta
D —> I do not find myself “cute” but for now I will appreciate your words
D —> Thank you?

Hello! Sorry that I haven’t been too active, still working out the asks and dealing with other personal stuff on the side. Thank you guys for being here though its super awesome!

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D —> Explain why my moirai is in your hair

"And he gill, he reel, he might got a deal
He pops bottles and he got the right kinda krill
he cold, he dope, he might sell coke
always in the air but he never fly coat
hes a motha-glubbing trip, trip, 
sailor of the ship, ship, 
when he make a drip, drip, kiss him on the lip, lip.”

"Wait wtf ho ur not supposed to know that much."


The first three asks rocked! If you wanna hear more stuff from the highbloods, send us more asks and we’ll answer them!

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i mean sometimes i guess id like to talk more to the guy but he doesn’t really seem up to it

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*eridan sighing*

hE cAn Be a MoThEr-FuCkIn AsShOlE aNyWaY